Workforce Management

Management basically means assigning the right employee with the right qualifications to the right venue at the right time. The human factor plays a central role in the sustainable and competitive positioning of your company.
We are your partners for process optimisation by applying classic consultancy services and using software and IT solutions. We provide you with sustainable support and make you strong for the future.

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Minded Process Management

Process organisation

Within the scope of process optimisation and the implementation of software solutions, we made a conscious decision to make the human factor a central focus of our work.

Efficient and sustainable processes can only be achieved in line with the workforce. Consideration to time and money is important but on their own these aspects may be considered short-sighted.


In the IT sector, the days of the all-rounder are finally a thing of the past. Highly specialised providers now characterise the sector’s image and define the benchmarks, in the light of which all others have to be measured. This is why we decided against wanting to offer you our own software solutions for almost all corporate divisions.

With regard to software development, we concentrate exclusively on the WORKFORCE Management segment, where we are able to offer you professional solutions for all tasks connected with optimising the assignment of your workforce.

The HR Assignment Plan is an important component of every company. 

HR requirements, HR availability and especially HR shortages must be monitored at all times to ensure that all processes run smoothly. 

With our PROCESS HR Assignment Plan Software you can now implement your individual HR assignment plan and shift plan safely and, in particular, efficiently.

Our Project Time Recording Software PROCESS PC enables you to keep an accurate overview of the HR assignment periods in your projects at all times, allowing for a prompt reaction to deviations from the plan and providing your customers with updated status reports at any stage.

Many companies pay their workforce through a bonus scheme system, whereby the bonus scheme consists of a fixed basic salary and a bonus payment calculated on the basis of qualitative or quantitative performance. 

You can now use PROCESS PM to make these individual calculations.

Time recording and work sampling study are two methods to determine process data. For example, they allow you to record basic time periods applied especially in companies with regularly recurring and easily recognisable processes to extract standardised time periods. The data gained from time recordings and work sampling studies is an important basis for correct time management in companies, i.e. a basis for HR Assignment Planning and Process Organisation.

Careful Process Management

Optimised cost and performance while retaining workforce satisfaction

Efficient and sustainable processes can only be achieved in line with the workforce. Consideration to time and money is important but on their own these aspects may be considered short-sighted.
Your workforce must regard any process changes as sensible in order to implement and utilise new processes and systems sustainably. This gives you as the company an opportunity to not only reduce costs through implemented process optimisations and to increase your yield, but also to increase the motivation of your workforce, provided that you observe their requirements and communicate innovations and the associated benefits.
Workforce motivation leads to improved performance and loyalty. Workforce loyalty leads to enjoyment, commitment and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Your workforce will display significantly increased willingness to work overtime, develop more numerous and more constructive improvement recommendations and be away on sick leave less frequently.

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Especially with regard to demographic change and associated lack of skilled labour, actions taken by employers to reconcile private lives with jobs will denote a considerable competitive factor.

Work-life-competence creates a win-win situation, in which employees are motivated to the greatest possible extent and reach a level of personal satisfaction, which in turn results in high performance and therefore in the company’s increased productiveness and turnover. Only around 13% of employees are actively committed. Take action today!
We support you as your competent partner with regard to everything around work-life competence and the implementation of your professional routine.

It is our deep conviction: Only a sensible combination of process optimization and employee orientation is purposeful and sustainable.

Volker Johannhörster

Volker Johannhörster
CEO p.l.i. solutions